The Benefits of Investing in the BBA

Thank you for your interest in joining the Birmingham Business Alliance. As you can see, there are many valuable benefits that come with being an active investor in the BBA. But primarily, when you decide to join the BBA, your investment enables our region to have a strong and effective private sector business voice, particularly in the key areas of economic development and public policy.

Be a catalyst to reshape our region


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Plus, when you join, you’ll also provide your business with the following invaluable benefits:

The Benefits of Investing in the BBA

Contacts You’ll be invited to networking meetings throughout the year where you can meet people that you can convert to customers of your product or service.

Visibility By being listed on our investors’ directory, you’ll be seen as one of the leading firms in this region who care deeply about its future.

There are seven categories of investment in the BBA, ranging from a minimum of $350 up to $100,000. Each level provides a commensurate amount of benefit to the investor: regular, Trustee, Key Stakeholder, Chairman’s Circle, Blueprint Champion, Corporate Catalyst and Cornerstone Alliance.

The BBA estimates that 90% of your investment may be deductible as a business expense.  For advice on all tax matters, please consult your tax advisor or an attorney.