Workforce Development

Talent_Recruitment_Project_BBA_Barber_Motorsports_ParkThe Birmingham region’s people are its greatest asset. The economic and social well-being of a community’s residents ultimately defines the success of community and economic development efforts. The most effective method for elevating incomes is to elevate education levels.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment for knowledge-intensive jobs, talent development is vital. Workers need to be adequately prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, not simply the jobs of today. To provide the skilled workers that companies are looking for, the Birmingham region will have to optimize its education pipeline while effectively retaining and recruiting talented workers to the region.

Top flight colleges and universities, committed teachers and parents and involved businesses drive the present success and future promise of primary, secondary and higher education in Birmingham. Consistently strengthening the educational opportunities in the region is a key component of the Birmingham Business Alliance’s workforce development initiatives.