Workforce Development Initiatives

OnBoard Birmingham

The Birmingham Business Alliance launched in 2014 OnBoard Birmingham, a program to help regional employers recruit and retain professionals in their companies and in Birmingham. The program is part of the BBA’s Talent Recruitment Project, which is an ongoing workforce development effort to help attract and retain talent in the Birmingham region. OnBoard Birmingham provides first-year and early career professionals the opportunity to make a meaningful connection with the Birmingham community.

In its first year, OnBoard Birmingham had 62 participants that represented 25 local companies.

Click on the image below to view the OnBoard Annual Report for 2014.


Talent Recruitment Project


Each fall, the Birmingham Business Alliance about 50 students from colleges and universities from around the state for its “Talent Recruitment Project,” a workforce development initiative designed to give college juniors and seniors the opportunity to meet with major corporations for prospective internships and jobs in Birmingham. The opportunity provides a leg up on their post-college careers, hopefully, in Birmingham. Top students, who met established criteria set by each company and vetted by the career service department of each school, meet with some of Birmingham’s premier companies looking to hire talent. Following small group meetings with companies, students are treated to lunch at any number of hot-spots in Birmingham.
Since the inception of the Talent Recruitment Project in October 2013, approximately 100 top-tier college students have had the opportunity to interview with more than 20 Birmingham-based companies that are hiring – many of those students have received second-stage interviews and several have been offered employment opportunities in Birmingham.